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To order tapes make checks payable to Health Care: Choice or Chance, Inc. and send them to 1443 Beacon Street, #710, Brookline, MA 02446. Tapes may also be rented. Prices are below.

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one hour tapes/ $400

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If the tapes are rented or purchased for a paid admission event, the normal purchase rate or rental rate is charged as a guarantee against an agreed upon percentage of the gross receipts (whichever is higher).


Good Grief Program @ Boston. Med Center 36 Cancer 51, 29, 43, 33, 59, 69, 102 Physicians' Disclosure Act 19
Museum of Public Health 42 AIDS/STDs 35 Living Options 53, 81, 105
Special Connections 45 Eye Care 39, 46, 57, 104 Mass. Health Care Studies 11,34, 107
Mass. Community Health Centers 47 Obesity 52 Alternative Medicine 60, 89
Mental Health 70 Children's Health 71 Oral Health 75
Men's Health

11. Topic: A Mass. Health Care Study with Dr. Alan Sager and Deborah Socolar of the Boston University School of Public Health
19. Physicians' Disclosure Act with Linda DeBenedictis, President, New England Patients' Rights, and Tamara Jane Cubi,also of New England Patients' Rights
29. A look at the negative impact of the health care system on women with breast cancer with Judith Hirshfield-Bartek, R.N.M.S, Dr. Nadine Tung,and Hester Hill, LICSW, all of BI Deaconess Medical Center
33. The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center and its work with cancer patients with Andrew Dreyfus, Senior V.P., Mass. Hospital Association, and Ellen Cohen,President
34. Topic: 1997 Mass. Health Care Study with Dr. Alan Sager and Deborah Socolar of the Boston University School of Public Health
35. A discussion about the changing face of AIDS with Dr. Robert Taylor, AIDS/STD expert, and Dr. Alfred DeMaria, Mass. Dept. of Public Health
36. Good Grief Program at Boston Medical Center with Maria Trozzi, Director, and Karla Rideout, Center Director, Horizons Initiative
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39. A discussion about eye care with Dr., Joel A. Kraut, Mass. Eye & Ear Infirmary, and Dr. Jonathan Kagan, New York Medical College
42. Museum of Public Health in Tewksbury, Mass with Merle Mudd, former President, and Dr. Edward Cosgrove, President.
43. A discussion about breast cancer with Dr. Alan Semine, Sagoff Centre; Janet Rustow, LICSW, Sagoff Centre; and Robin Wood, R.N., Boston College School of Nursing
45. Seminar:"Special Connections:Communicating with Patients with Life-threatening Illness". Guests: Jeannie Lindheim, Facilitator, and Dr. Thomas Lynch, Mass. General Hospital
46. A discussion about the Visual Rehab Center with Dr. Joel A. Kraut, Founder, and Andrew Baker, O.D, both of the Mass. Eye & Ear Infirmary
47.The Mass. Community Health Centers with guests James Hunt, Executive Director, Mass. League of Community Health Centers, and Jackie Jenkins-Scott, President, Dimock Community Health Center
51. The Wellness Community, which provides support to cancer patients with Devorah Steinberg, LICSW, Stanley Golembe, Family Participant, and Ann Caputi, Patient Participant
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52. A discussion about the Weight Loss for Life Program with Dr. Harold Solomon, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Roberta Rosen, Patient Participant
53. Topic Living Options for Senior Citizens with Health Problems. Guests: Susan Bailis and Alan Solomont, Solomont/Bailis Ventures
54. A further discussion about breast cancer with Dr. Alan Semine, Sagoff Centre; author Margit Esser-Porter, author of The Breast Cancer Treatment and Survival Handbook, and Jeffrey Popkin of the Ellie Fund
57. Eye Care. Guest: Dr. Joel A. Kraut, Mass. Eye & Ear Infirmary.
59. A visit with Dr. Jerome Groopman, author of "The Measure of Our Days: New Beginnings at Life's End."
60. Alternative Medicine and the Healing Process. Guests: Dr. Cornelius Granai, Women and Infants Hospital, and Ann Caputi, patient
69. Dealing with Prostate Cancer. Guests: Stanley Klein, Prostate Cancer Survivor; and Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, Cambridge Health Alliance.
70. The Importance of Access to Psychotherapy. Guests: Dr. Anne Alonso and Dr. Miguel Leibovich, both of Harvard Medical School.
71. Caring for Disabled Children. Guests: Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cook and Dr. Jane O'Brien, Medical Director, Franciscan Children's Hospital.
75. The Oral Health Epidemic. Guests: Dr. Myron Allukian, Director, Oral Health, Boston Public Health Commission, and Dr. Wanda Wright, B.U. School of Dental Medicine.
81. The Nursing Home Crisis. Guest: Len Fishman, CEO and President, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged.
89. Mind/Body Connection. Guest: Dr. Steven Locke, Psychiatrist.
102. Cancer Support Groups. Guests: Harriet Berman, The Wellness Community, and Janice McGrath, Exec. Director, New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.
104. The Vision Rehab Center. Guest: Dr. Joel A. Kraut, Founder/Director.
105. The Status of Nursing Homes. Guest: Kevin Comick, Director, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged.
107. The Heart Failure Study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Guest: Dr. James Morgan, Director.
117. Topic: Men's Health. Guests: Rep. Peter Koutoujian and Daniel J. Delaney, his assistant.
139. Stephen Abbott, CEO and President, Cape Cod Health Care, on Cape Health.
140. Michael Dallaire, R.N, Cape Cod Community College, on Teens and Cars.
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